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Dream House Software’s corporate mission is to bring people closer to what is most important to them through innovative software solutions. We strive to use technology to make life easier and more enjoyable, not more complicated.

Our first product, PocketPhoto™, the premium photo album creator for Palm OS compatible handhelds. "Everyone loves to show off pictures, whether it's their kids, their pets, or their new new sports car, and PocketPhoto lets them carry more pictures than their day-timer or wallet could ever hold," says President and co-founder Alan Finke. "It's a way for moderm advances to keep you in touch with your world, instead of making you more distant."

Our second product, PocketRetriever™, (formerly called Retriever) was the next step towards keeping people connected to information that is important to them. PocketRetriever enhances the mobile computing experience by allowing people to access personal files on the PC from a Palm-compatible handheld device."

The most recent development from Dream House Software is the AnyWhereMobile™ Internet service, which was recently spun off into a separate company, AnyWhereMobile, Inc. The AnyWhereMobile service gives users access to their PC from any web-enabled device. Subscribers can harness the power of their PC from web kiosks, wireless handheld computers, we-enabled (WAP) cell phones. For more information, visit the AnyWhereMobile web site: http://www.anywheremobile.com

Founded by Alan Finke and Eric Buchbinder in May 1999, Dream House Software develops applications for mobile computing devices, based on Palm Computing®’s Palm OS™ and Microsoft®’s PocketPC operating systems, as well as the new breed of wireless smart phones.

Dream House Software, Inc., is a closely held California corporation. The corporate office is located in Orinda, CA, 60 miles northeast of Silicon Valley.

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