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The KODAK Picture Friendly logo means this software works well with KODAK Picture CD, KODAK Digital Cameras and is in compliance with applicable 2002 requirements.

KODAK and KODAK Picture Friendly logo are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company.


PocketPhoto 2.6

  • Download photos from KODAK PhotoNet online.

  • Supports COLOR on the new Palm IIIc™, and the new Handspring Visor Prism!* (But also displays great black/white pictures on all Palm OS compatible handhelds.)

  • Support for multiple albums, by user and category

  • Pictures added from files are automatically named from the file name (but can be easily edited).

  • Slide show on handheld--can view all pictures in album, or by category (you can also do simple animation!)

  • Individual photos can be marked as private

  • Faster synchronization--only files that have changed are downloaded, and now files can be uploaded to any PC

  • Beaming--single photos, or entire category (Note: Beaming is not supported by Palm OS versions before 3.0.)

  • Complete package includes everything you need to put pictures on your handheld!

* PocketPhoto supports 8-bit (256 colors) on the Visor Prism.

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/NT/2000

Palm OS 2.0 or higher

Want more technical details? Click here.