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ABOUT PocketPhoto™

PocketPhoto™ FEATURES

PocketPhoto™ PLATFORMS

What Customers are saying about PocketPhoto™...

PocketPhoto™ has passed Palm™ Platinum testing!



PocketPhoto™ Color is released! Click here for product details.



    ABOUT PocketPhoto™

  • Create albums of your favorite photos in your handheld
  • 256 Color photos on the Palm IIIc and Handspring Visor Prism
  • Up to 16 shades of gray on most other Palm-compatible devices
  • Store 100's of photos on your handheld
  • Supports scanning, screen capture, downloading directly from KODAK PhotoNet Online
  • Easily adjust picture contrast and size
  • Available via download or CD
  • Accepts images from digital cameras, scanners, web files, you name it
  • Easy-to-use interface

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PocketPhoto™ FEATURES
  • Easily and quickly brings your image files from your PC into your handheld
  • Uses most popular image formats:
    Regular TIFF
    Windows BMP formats
    PCX formats (PCX & DCX)
    Kodak™ formats (PCD & FPX)
    DICOM format (DIC)
    Windows metafile formats (WMF & EMF)
    Photoshop 3.0 format (PSD)
    Portable Network Grafics (PNG)
    TARGA format (TGA)
    Sun Raster Format (RAS)
    Macintosh™ PICT format (PCT)
    CCITT Fax format
    MAC, IMG, & MSP
  • 8-bit (256 colors) on Palm IIIc™, Handspring Visor Prism
    16-level grayscale on Palm IIIe™, IIIx™, IIIxe™, V™, Vx™ and VIIx™ connected organizers
  • 4-level grayscale on Palm Pilot™, Palm Pilot Professional™, Palm III™ and VII™
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PocketPhoto™ PLATFORMS

  • Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000
  • Palm OSsoftware ™ 2.0 and higher

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What Customers are saying about PocketPhoto™...

"I ordered your product... and it downloaded without a hitch.  I followed your simple instructions and everything works perfectly.

Thanks for a neat little program."

Jim Thibodeau


"Everything is up and running, and I couldn't be happier!! Now I can carry more pictures of the family than my wallet could ever hold!"


Brian Sim

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PocketPhoto™ has passed Palm Platinum testing!


As of early January 2000, PocketPhoto version 1.2 passed Palm Computing's Platinum testing program. This testing ensures that PocketPhoto meets the basic requirements set by Palm Computing. For customers, it means that PocketPhoto 1.2 is even more stable and reliable. 

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